Press Clippings – Rohet Garh in the International & Indian Media

“Rohet Garh, ancestral family home…a majestic fort located 40km from Jodhpur that overlooks a lake covered with lotus flowers…walled enclosure leading to a bright lawned garden, complete with peacocks, splashes of flowers and a swimming pool, has attracted impressive artistic clients. Bruce Chatwin wrote The Songlines here, and William Dalrymple asked to stay in the same room when he wrote the City of Djinns. Madonna brought her family for the New Year. Filmmaker Wes Anderson stayed here to write The Darjeeling Limited and later filmed in the area.”

Financial Times Wealth,
Spring 2008, Issue 1, pages 40-41

“Rohet Garh Wilderness Camp: Six tents sitting on a small mound in the middle of the Thar desert. Nothing but dunes, shepherds, birds and stars. This tented camp, spectacularly elemental, is an offshoot of the divine Rohet Garh (if you haven’t stayed there you’re way behind)…Come in for an unbelievable silence, for dazzling dusky views, and an incredible sense of peace…and ride Marwari horses. Rohet has some of the best stables in Rajasthan…”

Tatler 2008 Travel Guide,
101 Best Hotels in the World

“Rohet Garh: This family run heritage hotel located on the outskirts of Jodhpur has 34 air-conditioned rooms, refurbished and individually decorated by the family. Its proximity to a lake ensures a variety of bird species. The property boasts of manicured gardens, a swimming pool, and a zenana courtyard where traditional festivals such as Gangaur, and Holi are celebrated. Rohet Garh has pioneered the ‘village safari’ by jeep or horseback, where guests are given a taste of an untouched, rural way of life.”

Good Housekeeping (India),
October 2007

“Rohet Garh…offers you a unique way of experiencing Rajasthan. The owners welcome you into their home to get a taste of royal and rural Marwar. Its ornately carved wooden celings, traditional lamps, frescoed walls, medieval photographs and historic trophies tell the tale of yesteryears.”

Go Now, September 2006

“Rohet Garh is situated on the banks of a lake and is a haven of peace and tranquility. Sprawling lawns and manicured gardens, with flocks of birds and dancing peacocks herald your entry into this oasis. The façade still retains its old character…Adding no new buildings, the old structures have been cleverly redesigned—today’s pool area is yesterday’s garage…but parts of the fort have been left untouched as a reminder of days gone by. Rohet Garh also boasts of the finest kitchens in traditional cuisine. The chefs have been personally trained by the lady of the house…”

Society Interiors, April 2006

“Rohet Garh. It is a fairytale-like palace, a fortress-home to a royal family of ancient lineage. And it stands, in white, battlemented walls adorned with brightly-coloured drawings of aristocratic ancestors…The bazaar section of the village is a bustling place, full of the noise, vitality, colour, and smells of India…

Manchester Evening News, Weekend Travel, 29 December 2001